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We're as 'offshore' as you need to go.

When you need high-quality molds with short lead times, turn to MSI.  Our process-driven approach ensures quality mold production.  It also helps identify new ways to improve the efficiencies our manufacturing processes while providing logistical support for our customers.

The result is higher quality molds, domestically produced with shorter lead times.
This allows us to provide our customers with distinct competitive advantages that are hard to find in any supplier – and virtually impossible to find offshore. 

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Everyone is in the loop

MSI uses an integrated system to track every job from initial customer quote to the final billing.  This system allows everyone to access any order information at any point of the mold building process.

All job details are posted in real-time on our intranet, so any employee can access them to answer questions a customer might have about their project.

It’s all part of MSI Mold Builders’ commitment to providing the world’s best customer service. Of course that’s what you’d expect from the people who design and build the world’s best molds.


MSI. We build the world's best molds.

oil cutting dieSince 1971, industries around the world have turned to MSI to design and build molds of exceptional accuracy and durability.  Our dedication to the highest quality mold design and building standards is part of our mission to lead the industry in the design and production of value added plastic molds.

Our customers turn to us to design and build various types of steel and aluminum molds for injection, structural foam, rim, blow, gas assist and structural web processes.  We also design and build aluminum injection molds for limited production runs.

Today we serve customers in the computer, business machine, medical diagnostics, material handling, sporting goods, lawn and garden, appliance, consumer electronics, heavy equipment and transportation industries. 

MSI builds it better, builds it faster, builds it leaner.

home_02.JPGWe have fully implemented lean manufacturing processes in our Cedar Rapids headquarters facility.
By employing lean manufacturing principles and focusing on work flow from order entry to finished product shipping, we have dramatically improved our efficiency and product quality.  What this means for you is better quality molds, built and delivered with shorter lead times.

Want proof?  Recently a customer came to us with an order for two molds that traditionally required 450 hours each to produce. But they needed them in 16 working days.

By applying our process driven lean approach, we not only met the customer’s deadline, we also incorporated some specific mold design recommendations that helped our customer streamline their manufacturing process as well.

MSI offers manufacturers full life cycle support.

MSI Life Cycle MgmtMSI provides customers with the unique opportunity to partner with a technologically advanced company that leads in the field of prototype development of all types of injection molds. When the need moves to high volume manufacturing, MSI also offers total support in ongoing design development, routine mold building with closely managed just-in-time service and complete repair services.