Two facilities ensure a quick response

Our corporate headquarters is centrally located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Easy access to intermodal transportation and the resources that come from being at a communications hub help us to respond quickly to any need.  More...

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Visit us in Greenville, SC

Our Greenville location is a short drive from the Donaldson Center Airport, with convenient access to the Interstate.  More...

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We put everything you need nearby


Lean manufacturing helps MSI deliver quality molds faster.

We have fully implemented lean manufacturing processes in our Cedar Rapids headquarters and our Greenville South Carolina facilities. 

By putting all the tools needed throughout the mold building process where they’re needed, instead of in a central location, has dramatically improved our process efficiency and end product quality. 

MSI’s lean manufacturing practices have reduced mold-making errors to almost zero. What this means for you is better quality molds, built and delivered with shorter lead times with the value-add of Just-In-Time delivery of every mold you need.

So how does this lean manufacturing process translate to the production floor? 

Recently a customer came to us with an order for two molds that traditionally required 450 hours each to produce. But they needed them in 16 working days.  It was an almost impossible timeline under traditional manufacturing processes.

But, with our team lean approach and lean manufacturing processes in place, we not only met the customer’s deadline, we also incorporated some specific mold design recommendations that helped our customer streamline their manufacturing process as well.