The proof is in the sample

MSI can take your part from mold design to prototype. With injection molding machines up to 3,000 tons, we can accommodate injection molded parts of nearly any size or weight. Call us to arrange sampling from new molds, molds that we repair or your existing mold. We're able to produce your part in a wide variety of colors and materials.

Sampling ensures performance quality

MSI provides sampling services to our customers utilizing two molding presses.  We use a 3000 Ton Van Dorn with 400 oz shot capacity and a 1000 Ton Cincinnati with 178 oz shot capacity in our Iowa facility and a 500 ton Engle with a 48 oz shot capacity in South Carolina.  Molds are sampled with materials provided by the customer to provide parts for mold and part verification.

Gun_drill.jpgAny functional issues can be identified and addressed before the mold leaves our facility, saving time and transportation costs.  MSI will run small quantities of parts for testing or other purposes at your request, but we make it a practice not to run production parts or compete in any way with our customers.1000-ton Sampling Press